October 24, 2020

Commonwealth Imaging About Us

Experienced micro publishers
Micro publishing Canada's largest daily newspapers, Commonwealth Imaging has always provided the highest quality of microfilm, adhering strictly to all Library of Congress standards. Our dedicated employees, with forty years of microfilming experience between them, take great pride in their micro publishing profession.

Quality, service and commitment
Commonwealth Imaging is Canada's largest and most committed micro publisher. Commonwealth Imaging has a reputation for quality and service, and we have appreciated our long-standing relationships with our customers throughout the years.microfilm

Publishers can benefit
Subscriptions generate royalties for the Publisher. Commonwealth Imaging is proud of the publications it has available for subscriptions, and rigorously promotes our publishers' newspapers through our "Canadian Newspapers on Microfilm Catalogue", our website, direct marketing, outside and inside sales, and attendance at conferences such as the Canadian Library Association Conference, American Library Association Conference, International Federation of Library Associations - Newspaper Section Conference and Alberta Library Association Conference.

We can digitize your newspaper collection too!
West Canadian, of which Commonwealth Imaging is a division, is now the largest imaging and document management company in Western Canada. Commonwealth Imaging partners with iArchives, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, to provide the best scanning, conversion and digitization possible and has quickly become the foremost newspaper digitization service provider in Canada.

Products and solutions for libraries, institutions and businesses
Besides microfilming and digitization services, we offer a unique line of products. We continue to offer our products such as the Book Buddy book truck, storage systems, and Canon and Minolta micrographic equipment, while developing new products which libraries, institutions and businesses are in need of.